Instances of crime in the Midtown Improvement District
declined 13% last year on top of the 8% reduction achieved for 2015 vs. 2014.

Team Effort

This success is possible because of Atlanta Police Department (APD) off-duty officers, a civilian Public Safety Patrol, an extensive camera network and other strategies to deter crime that constitute the Midtown Blue supplemental public safety program funded by the Midtown Improvement District. The collective work of the Midtown Blue program - as well as hands-on involvement from APD’s on-duty officers, City of Atlanta leadership, public safety partners and a vigilant community - makes Midtown a safer place. Working 24-7, Midtown Blue is one of the most robust programs of its kind in the Southeastern US.

APD Leadership

Chief George Turner

Thank you to Chief George Turner for his leadership and service over a 35 year career to make Atlanta a great place. Chief Turner has passed the baton to newly-appointed APD Chief Erika Shields, who joined APD in 1995 and has served as a Patrol Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Major prior to her latest appointment.

Major Scott Kreher

Led by Major Scott Kreher, APD’s Zone 5 - which includes Midtown - achieved the biggest year-over-year reduction in crime for 2016 in the City of Atlanta. Major Kreher was named Zone Commander in 2015 and has instituted effective new policing strategies, including the addition of “power shifts” with the Midtown Blue team.


Decrease in overall crime activity in the Midtown Improvement District for the year compared to 2015


crime reported in the District that was nonviolent property crime


Public Safety Patrol

Meet a few of the civilian security professionals that make up the Midtown Blue public safety patrol and learn more about their role in a safer Midtown.

2016 Patrol Work By the Numbers:  


business contacts engaged


check-in visits with property owners


parking surveillance patrols run


civilian assists made for everything from venue directions to jumpstarting car batteries


police assists called


On the job every day, watching out for you.


combined hours of supplemental public safety and APD patrolling each week in Midtown


Construction site code enforcement citations issued for noncompliance related to noise, sidewalk obstruction, working outside permitted hours and lack of permit


Code enforcement citations issued for noncompliance related to noise, signage, lighting, and commercial trash debris


High-definition video cameras covering the majority of public right-of-ways in Midtown, which are also networked with the APD Video Integration Center (VIC) where they can be monitored to facilitate incident response by on-duty APD



Midtown Blue Officer Receives Recognition from Atlanta Police Foundation


Atlanta Police Department (APD) Lieutenant Anthony Singh was recognized at the Atlanta Police Foundation’s 13th annual “Crime is Toast” event for his excellent work in the line of duty. Lt. Singh is based out of APD’s Zone 2 and has worked with the Midtown Blue team for 17 years. This marks the second time in his career that Singh has been presented with this award.


New office location

The Midtown Blue and Green teams relocated in 2016 to new upgraded office and warehouse space in the ground floor of the Viewpoint building at 855 Peachtree, made available through a special partnership with The Loudermilk Companies.


New wheels for Atlanta Police Foundation in 2016

Together with Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, the Midtown Improvement District donated funds to the Atlanta Police Foundation that were used to purchase 10 Segways for patrols in the district.

Tech-savvy field work

During 2016, the Midtown Blue team introduced digital tracking tools to optimize routes and manage fleet performance in real time, as well as mobile technology to complete incident reporting in the field.


Public Safety in the News

"...the VIC will now provide surveillance that enhances emergency preparedness, enabling police, fire and emergency professionals to better evaluate a situation and connect and respond before arriving on the scene of an accident."

City of Atlanta →

"He said putting officers on bikes, Segways and on foot have helped control the crime in the area. "

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