Midtown Alliance’s work on implementing Blueprint Midtown - the community’s master plan that has transformed the area over three decades into a dense, mixed use, activity center in the heart of Atlanta - continues to receive national attention. In 2016, Midtown Atlanta was one of five neighborhoods nationally to earn recognition from the American Planning Association on their list of “Great Places in America.” Acknowledging the completeness of Midtown’s efforts to create a walkable, clean, safe and interesting place, the award was presented to City of Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed.


This achievement belongs to everyone who has contributed to Midtown’s incredible transformation, from policymakers and business leaders to civic partners, members, residents and workers. Together, we are carrying out ambitious plans to make our neighborhood great, in every dimension.

About the Award


The American Planning Association Great Places in America award recognizes communities that meet criteria across several categories:

  • Includes a mix of residential, commercial, retail and other uses

  • Creates interesting visual experiences through building design, scale, and architecture

  • Accommodates transportation options that work for pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers

  • Fosters a sense of community

  • Promotes security from crime

  • Reflects the community's local character as the neighborhood has adapted to change over time

  • Interprets and uses local history to help create a sense of place

  • Shows economic, social, ethnic, and demographic diversity in its population

  • Supports green infrastructure and measures to protect the local environment

  • Demonstrates how planning initiatives have contributed to or sustained the character of the neighborhood



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What can we all do for an encore? Tell others about this shared win.

This award was presented to Midtown Atlanta, and we all own a piece of it. Check out this messaging you can easily share with your clients, co-workers and friends to let them know you’re part of a Great Place in America.