Visionary planning. Relentless execution.

Informed by deep engagement with the Midtown community, the work product emerging from Midtown Alliance’s community planning efforts is setting the stage for future success. The importance of this work in the context of Midtown’s current development surge is clear. We are using this window today to act on long-range plans that make sure the urban experience gets better in every dimension.


Get to know Blueprint 3.0: Midtown’s action plan for growth

Recently completed and approved by the Midtown Alliance Board, Blueprint 3.0 is the community-driven plan that defines priorities that can move the District from great to exceptional.

The policies laid out in Blueprint Midtown have guided public and private investment to create a clean, safe, and vibrant urban environment. The original plan established a community vision for Midtown that largely remains the same: a livable, walkable district in the heart of Atlanta; a place where people, business and culture converge to create a live-work-play community with a distinctive personality and a premium quality of life.

More than a year’s work has gone into this latest update to the community master plan, the first comprehensive update since the late 1990s. Midtown Alliance engaged more than 6,000 employers, property owners, residents, workers, visitors, public-sector partners, and subject-matter experts to inform and validate the community’s vision for an authentic urban experience.

What’s new about this version?

The action plan lays out strategies and interventions to raise the bar on several fronts, looking a decade out, and in some cases longer. Here are just a few:

Land Use & Building Design



Inspire private development to deliver high-quality buildings and uses that contribute to an economically vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, urban district.

  • Ensure a balance and mix of uses, including office, housing, retail, and hotel, that provide destinations and activity at various times of day

  • Promote anchor institutions and cultivate economic clusters around the concentration of research and arts institutions

  • Promote a diversity of housing sizes at affordable levels, including larger units that can accommodate families and smaller units/micro-units.

  • Ensure consistent design quality of new development that embraces the public realm and provides an active, pedestrian oriented environment.

  • Preserve and enhance historic buildings, sites and districts that reflect Atlanta’s cultural, social, economic and architectural history.

Create a vibrant, multimodal transportation network
that is safe and accessible.

  • Improve walkability by slowing vehicle speeds and enhancing the pedestrian environment.

  • Reconfigure streets to safely accommodate all modes of transportation and increase circulation, navigability, connectivity and safety.

  • Build out a safe and connected bicycle network.

  • Improve local and regional transit connections and frequency.

  • Expand employer-commuter programs to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.

Public Spaces

Build out a network of permanent and temporary parks, plazas, courtyards, and multi-purpose spaces that are safe, well-designed, environmentally sensitive, and activated.

  • Create permanent, public parks to serve Midtown.

  • Re-purpose publicly-owned space such as excess roadway as permanent, “pocket” parks and plazas.

  • Partner with the private sector to provide temporary, privately owned open spaces.

  • Activate existing privately-owned, publicly accessible spaces in coordination with property owners to make them more functional and accessible.

  • Concentrate a variety of enhancements, activities, and programming to enliven public spaces.


Taking Action on Blueprint 3.0 in 2017

Among the next steps already underway to implement plan recommendations, Midtown Alliance is working now to:

  • Share the strategies, priorities, and outcomes with the Midtown community

  • Advance the subarea studies

  • Roll out the projects identified in the plan

  • Work with the City of Atlanta to implement zoning changes


Years since the rollout of the first Blueprint Midtown


Land in Midtown that was primed for redevelopment back in 1997 at the outset of the first Blueprint


Land in Midtown that remains ripe for redevelopment today


New plan sets future path for transportation network in Midtown

Work advanced in 2016 on Midtown Alliance’s largest transportation planning effort to date, examining hundreds of project and policy ideas to create a more vibrant, safe, connected and multimodal transportation network that addresses future needs. Learn more about the action plan, how it was developed, and which priorities are already coming to fruition for a better transportation experience today.

Midtown Art Walk

The Midtown Art Walk will bring new experiences into a corridor in the heart of the District. The project will create a dynamic pedestrian promenade along Peachtree Walk by displaying art on adjacent private property. Private developers will be instrumental to the success of this of the Midtown Art Walk in order to enhance their projects and at the same time provide an amenity to the community. Through a partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Midtown Alliance is exploring ideas to enhance the plaza space behind the Fed and a portion of Peachtree Walk. The vision for an enhanced civic space would create a linear park from 10th Street to 11th Street with art, landscaping and other treatments.

The concept for the Midtown Art Walk also appears in the recommendations from our recently completed Midtown Transportation Plan, which is a testament to how art and mobility can share the same agenda. The transportation plan narrative describes how sections of this corridor could become “shared” streets that blur the line between sidewalk and street while maintaining access for slow moving vehicles. The Midtown Art Walk will enter preliminary design phase in 2017.


Midtown’s Citizen Advocates for Quality Development

Each month, a special group of subject matter experts with knowledge about the Midtown district volunteer their time to review proposed development projects and make recommendations on how those projects can be tailored to fit the character of Midtown.

The Midtown Development Review Committee - comprised of 10 individuals representing residents, property and business owners, institutions, neighborhood associations, and MARTA - is appointed jointly by the City of Atlanta and Midtown Alliance, and provides formal recommendations to the City of Atlanta Office of Planning on all Special Administrative Permit (SAP) applications within the Midtown SPI-16 and SPI-17 zoning districts. Thank you to these volunteers for their ongoing work to make Midtown an exceptional place.


Major development projects reviewed by the Development Review Committee during 2016. These projects total:


For more details on the nearly two-dozen major development projects under construction in Midtown and the additional 20 projects in the pipeline, view our latest development summary, which is updated monthly in our Resource Center.